Adam Nagy is a commercial product and fashion portrait photographer and art director living and working in the city of Los Angeles, California.


Originally from Budapest, Hungary, he discovered his love of photography as a child, borrowing his parents' camera to explore the world around him. 

He built his career through assisting and teching, managing studios and working on his personal projects.

Besides his own art and freelance assignments he works as an in-house freelance photographer at Nike Icon Studios LA and other clients and he was a full time photographer for NR|HL, where his creative talents were integral to the launch names like MAC Cosmetics, Hugo Boss, Longchamp and other high end brands. 

His main focus is creating various content from creative & art direction to production in the fields of e-commerce and portrait photography.

Adam holds a Masters of Arts degrees in both Digital Communication and Liberal Arts from SZTE University of Szeged, Hungary.